Stewardship is the working out of our faith through giving in order to carry on God’s work. Our actions, our lives, and our giving are the most accurate measure of our faith. The material things in our lives, our time, our talent and treasures speak so clearly about what’s most important for us, they mold and shape who we are and how we live as we need to ask ourselves do we allow God to enter these areas of our lives? Does He impact our thinking in these choices? Christian Stewardship is faith in action.

We greatly appreciate your financial gifts to St. Seraphim of Sarov Cathedral/Protection of the Holy Virgin Parish. Tax receipts will be issued for all eligible donations. Our chosen vendor is PayPal, an eBay Company, which allows you to make your donation with a credit card – safely, securely, and conveniently (available from 38 countries). Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are accepted.

Giving Opportunities

Building Fund


Donations are for new construction (Bell Tower, Landscaping, Renovation, Repair of Protection Church)

Fresco Fund


This link takes you to a set of drawings for frescos for the entire church building. The drawings indicate which frescos are completed, which are commissioned but not yet painted, and which are in need of commissions.

General Fund


General donations to Saint Seraphim Orthodox Church are utilized as best needed toward the ministry of our faith.

Internship Fund


Donations goes to support our internship program.



Support will go to our charities.

Text Giving


Text Giving. Enter 707-701-5052 in to your text message App on your cell phone, indicate an amount you want to give (for example, $25). A prompt will open your browser and you indicate which giving category (tithes, icons, charity, etc.) you would like, enter your card info, and you’re done.