Fresco of the Transfiguration - 10/24/12

Monday night (Oct. 15), and Fr. Moses beginning to plaster for the decorative border, which we have to paint first, as we always paint top first to keep the painting below clean.
Meanwhile, Tuesday Morning Fr Patrick is tracing the figures of the Savior and the Prophet Elias, which we'll be painting in one session.
Fr. Moses painting the border
Tuesday night, the border finished, the two layers of plaster laid the night before the painting. This photo is takes at about 5 AM, the first layer having been completed some hours before, and the second showing 3/4'ths of the layer in place.
Wednesday morning, Fr. Patrick scratching the tracing of the cartoon into the plaster later that morning.
Painting beginning as soon as the plaster is hard enough to withstand the brush. The plaster dried very slowly this day. This photo is taken at 11:00 AM, which is late to be just starting the painting.
11:30 AM
12:30 PM
1 PM
4 PM
11:30 PM: Fr Patrick finishing up the day's painting, and Fr. Moses applying a layer of plaster to paint the border to the left of today's painting. He'll paint that border tomorrow.
The Prophet Eilias, as he looked the next morning. Not totally finished, but enough completed, so that the rest will be done in "secco": dry plaster, egg yolk added to the paint for adhesion. Most byzantine fresco were completed this way.
Fr. Moses Trimming away the extra plaster.
The trimmed fresco. Next week: the Prophet Moses and St. John (who is below the feet of the Saviour)
From Fr. Patrick: These are the pictures form the week before last, painting St. Peter and the corner to his left. I had drawn the figure a month ago, but was never really happy with the sketch. It just did not seem to go with the composition, which is difficult because of the unusual, triangular shape of the wall and fresco
Our sketch
another view of our sketch
Fr Moses finishing the night's plaster at about 6:30 AM on Wednesday, October 17.
With the usual difficulty of the plaster draining and drying quickly at the top of the fresh section, we had to paint some of the background right away.
Fresco at 11 AM
1:30 PM
10:30 PM
Fr. Patrick: I had started to do the white highlights, but was not sure if they would be permanent, as the plaster was 14 hours old by this time. I stopped after finishing the face, hands, feet and some of the garments, then decided to do the rest the next day with egg (in "secco".)
Fr. Moses began plastering the corner, to be painted the next day. We decided to do this section separately from St. Peter because it's difficult to get down into that corner. At 54, I have to make plans around the fact that it's hard for me to be jumping and stooping around all day on the scaffold.
St. Peter the next morning
Later that day
Border work
Fr Patrick: I drew another figure, using a different model. We chose one from the Transfiguration fresco in the King's Church, in the Serbian Monastery of Studenica.