Frescos in the dome

Record of painting on February 11, 2014

Here we are painting the 4th angel, starting on November 26. that’s Fr Moses surfacing the plaster for painting.
Here is the finished angel, later that week.
That left 2 Seraphim and 2 angels to go:
The next week, the next Seraphim.
The week of December 8, and the next angel.
The range up to that point.
Back in the dome in January, during the week of January 20th, we painted the final angel:
Then it was time to touch up seams between the various sections. We also had to remove the bolt holding our compass string, and plaster over the hole in the middle of the Saviour’s neck:
Fr Moses filling the hole with new plaster. This would be the smallest fresco section of the dome.
The hole filled with plaster, before color being added.
We then decided that it was time to view the fresco from the ground. The scaffolding was designed to have sections of the flooring removable for viewing from below. In the photo below, you can see that some of the floor sections have red lines painted along their edges. These pieces of plywood were especially placed to be unscrewed and removed, allowing access to the floor platforms underneath that are then taken away to open up a section of the middle of the scaffold floor.
Our friend Ivan came to help Fr. Moses:
The open scaffold. We could not see the entire painting at one time, but could see almost everything by moving around below. We were looking mostly at the seams between the fresco sections, and the colors in general to see if anything need further work. For 2 days, while I worked on the tracings for the upcoming Prophets, we made notes, but there was not much to do. We work so physically close to the frescoes, it is hard to imagine what it looks like from a distance. There is also an enormous amount of light up in the dome, which makes our colors behave differently than in the rest of the church where the light is far more subdued.
Aaron, who is a parishioner, helped Fr. Moses put the scaffold back together after we were done with making notes on anything that needed attention.
Meanwhile, I started making the tracings for the next range: the Prophets. Here I’m drawing the Prophet Isaiah, which I’ll talk about in the next email.
Tom Pellizzer helped with the new scaffold arrangement. There are now three scaffold sections, built lower than those we have used before, giving access to about half of the Prophets. Those are their sinopia sketches you see on the wall.
Fr Moses before the sinopia sketch of the Prophet Moses, who will be the first prophet we paint.
As I write this, we are just finishing the tracings of the first three Prophets. I’ll show that in my next email. It’s 8:30 PM on Tuesday night, and Fr Moses is just beginning to plaster the section for the Prophet Moses. Please remember us in your prayers, as this is a large fresco, and a first time kind of session. First of the twelve Prophets, new location, and all that.