Hospitality Ministry Survey, February 2017

In early 2017 Fr. Lawrence blessed Anthony to coordinate a formal Hospitality Ministry effort at St. Seraphim. Together they recruited an excellent volunteer team, drafted a budget, and defined the scope, goals, objectives and methodology of the ministry. A service manual was created and distributed to the team. The team has met twice and identified several near term objectives, one of which is this survey.

Anthony wrote both the survey and the draft of the report and then submitted these to Fr. Lawrence for review to ensure the anonymity of survey participants, review the conclusions, challenges and recommendations and also to correct any factual misunderstandings Anthony may have inadvertently conveyed concerning the life, activities and history of the parish.

However imperfectly presented, the survey nevertheless brought forth new knowledge by means of the many incisive and sage observations and suggestions candidly offered by survey participants. I thank you very much.

The ever present mission of St. Seraphim Orthodox Church, as with every Orthodox parish, to “go forth baptizing all nations” may now be taken up with increased vigor, new initiatives and common resolve to unconditionally love and accept every soul who staggers into the uncreated light of the Empty Tomb, a light that shines very brightly at 90 Mountain View Avenue, Santa Rosa, California.

Following the distribution of the report to the community, the Hospitality Ministry team welcomes all comments, suggestions, critiques and recommendations. Email these to Anthony at Anthony is away for the month of March but will respond when he returns. The report itself along with any additional parishioner input will be discussed by the Hospitality Ministry team at the next meeting on April 6. 

Read the Survey here

St. Seraphim Orthodox Cathedral
St. Seraphim Orthodox Cathedral